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Captivating – See What The Whales Are Up To! Mid 2017 Whale Watching Season Report

Before the 2017 Whale Watching Season had even started, the Spirit Team were busy preparing for the year ahead so they decided to call this Season:


And guess what? It has been an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME SEASON… And we’re only halfway through the year!

Each year Spirit has been blessed with plenty of Whales, special encounters, and memorable days. But the 2017 Whale Watching Season has been truly spectacular.


Check below for Spirit of Gold Coast’s Whale Watching Report, from 27th of May to 20th of August:

Whale Watching Season

Spirit Whale Watching Report Chart For 2017[/caption]

On the 17th of June Spirit of Gold Coast was “mugged” by a Juvenile Humpback Whale, who stayed swimming so close to the boat for over an hour, popping his head above the water to catch a glimpse of the people watching him. This young Whale was so close he was almost in hands reach at times! Check out the photos and videos below:


Whale Mugging Photo by Sea Pix – 17th of June 2017.


Whale Images

Up Close Mugging Photo by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching – 17th of June 2017.


Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching has been blessed with so many Whales this Season, giving our passengers plenty of close encounters, one-hour muggings, breach after breach, spy-hops, curious calves, sunny days and the Majestic White Whale: Migaloo!


Migaloo Doing a Tail Slap – Photo by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching – 11th of July 2017.


Whale Spy Hopping

Captivating Spy-Hop – Photo by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching – June 2017.


Baby Whale

New-born Calf – Photo by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching – 3rd of August 2017


Humpback Whale

Amazing Close Encounter – Photo by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching – 7th of August 2017.
Each photo speaks volumes of joy, amazement and awe which have all been captured during our 2017 Season. There are plenty of exciting moments including when we managed to capture underwater footage of these gorgeous creatures up close.

Check out our amazing Under Water Whale footage below, filmed in August 2017 by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching:




“It was an amazing experience as one of the huge Whales we saw this Season just breached right in front of the SPIRIT boat. We’ve truly been blessed with lots of amazing Whales and so many calves this Season! Just beautiful!” ~ Testimonial from a Spirit Crew Member.

Celebrities from House Rules board the Spirit for a nice whale cruise

As if it hasn’t been enough to be blessed with amazing whale choreography this season, we’ve also had guest celebrities from “House Rules” personalities “Aaron & Daniella and Kate & Harry” board the Spirit for a lovely day out with the whales.

My House Rules

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you for inviting us Whale Watching on the Spirit of Gold Coast. It was a highlight of our trip to the GC and definitely something we’ll do again” ~ Kate & Harry

Young Whale Warrior Competition Launched

We’ve even launched our “Young Whale Warrior” competition, which has had a huge response with many great entries. It’s going to be a tough decision to select the best! There are still a few days left to submit your entries and the clock is ticking… If you know someone young who loves whales and could be the Gold Coast’s next Young Whale Warrior, ask them to enter the competition below – there’s a full Family Pass for the rest of the season up for grabs!

Do you want to learn more about Humpback Whale Facts and Curiosities?

Check out our Fact Sheet below, made with so much love by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching team (Zara King and Jose Eduardo Biotto).

Humpback Whale Facts Infographic

Interested in jumping aboard our fabulous Spirit cruise for an up close & personal whale experience? Click on more info below or Call (07) 5572 7755

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