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► General Terms and Conditions

  • All ticket sales are final. No further discounts will be applied once a booking has been made. No refunds will be given in the instance that a reduced price is mentioned/found after the booking has been processed.
  • Bookings are essential. WALK-ONS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • A Booking Confirmation or Voucher must be presented before boarding will be permitted.
  • Seniors / Students must present an appropriate ID card to obtain the advertised rate.
  • All cruises are subject to minimum passenger numbers.
  • All tickets purchased are to be redeemed during the current year and the same Whale Watching season. Extensions to the following year or season will not be permitted.
  • Neither Spirit of Gold Coast nor its employees shall be liable for any death or personal injury to any passengers or any loss or damage to property, unless such death, injury, loss or damage has been acclaimed as a result of negligence of the company or its employees.
Late Arrival Policy:
  • All passengers MUST be at the designated departure point 30 minutes prior to the scheduled cruise time.
  • Spirit of Gold Coast is NOT liable for passengers being late.
  • In the event you have missed your planned cruise time, we will reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
  • In the event you are unable to reschedule your missed cruise, you will NOT be entitled to a refund.
Inclement Weather Policy:
  • In the interest of passenger comfort and safety, cruises are subject to suitable weather conditions.
  • Spirit of Gold Coast reserves the right to cancel any cruise at any time and will notify all passengers by email and SMS. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that their contact details are accurate.
  • In the event your cruise is cancelled due to inclement weather, we will reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
  • In the event you are unable to reschedule your cruise that has been cancelled due to inclement weather, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • You must request your refund within 30 days of your original cruise date, or you will forfeit your right to a refund.
Rescheduling Policy:
  • In the event you are unable to attend your planned cruise you must notify Spirit of Gold Coast a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled cruise time.
  • If you do not provide the required 24 hours notice when rescheduling your cruise, an administrative fee will be charged.
  • You are permitted to reschedule the same booking twice only. If the third amendment to your booking is required, an administrative fee will be charged.
Cancellation Policy:
  • No refunds will be provided for change of mind or unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the event you are unable to attend your scheduled cruise for any reason, we will help you to reschedule your cruise to an alternate day (subject to availability).
  • In the event you are unable to reschedule your cruise to the current Whale Watching season, you are permitted to transfer your cruise into the name of a family member or friend.
  • All decisions regarding cancelled cruises will be made by the Operations Manager and are considered final.
  • The only instance a refund will be provided is if Spirit of Gold Coast has made the decision to cancel your cruise.
Wheelchairs and Accessibility on board Spirit:
  • The Spirit Vessel is wheelchair accessible; however, all guests MUST follow the below guidelines:
  •  Access to the Spirit Vessel is by a ramp, which is 80 centimetres wide. The steepness of the ramp will vary depending on the tide
  • Please note that the Spirit crew cannot carry passengers from their wheelchairs. All guests who use a wheelchair must be able to move themselves, or bring assistance with them
     The Spirit Vessel is equipped with standard marine toilets. These toilets are narrow and may require an assistant/carer to facilitate their usage.
Whale Sighting Guarantee:
  • In the event of no whales being sighted on the day of your cruise, a complimentary return cruise will be offered to all passengers.
  • In the event you are unable to reschedule your complimentary return cruise, you are permitted to transfer your complimentary cruise into the name of a family member or friend.
  • No refunds will be provided in the event of no whale sightings.
Seasickness Advice:
  • To ensure an enjoyable day, we recommend that all passengers take precautions to prevent seasickness.
  • Seasickness pills are most effective if taken at least half an hour prior to your cruise.
    Image Consent:
  • By purchasing a ticket to go Whale Watching I give Alba NSW Pty Ltd t/a SPIRIT OF GOLD COAST (ABN 61 054 789 767),  the right to use my name/photograph/image/audio recording/video recording and likeness in all forms and manner (“My Image”) for the purposes of advertising.
  • I waive any interest that I may have in the copyright to My Image now or at any future time and acknowledge that I am not entitled, nor shall in the future be entitled, to receive any payment or consideration in respect of it and agree to make no claim against Spirit of Gold Coast for any payments for the publication of My Image.
  • I understand Spirit of Gold Coast cannot control the unauthorised use of My Image by persons not associated with Spirit of Gold Coast upon the
  • Publication of My Image. I forever waive any right to inspect or approve any publication of My Image by Spirit of Gold Coast. I release and indemnify Spirit of Gold Coast from any loss, damage, costs, expense, or claim (including consequential loss) connected with the Publication of My Image, including an action for defamation, libellous material, breach of privacy, or copyright.

    ► Season pass terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions:
    • Bookings are essential. You must always check availability and make your booking by contacting the Spirit Office on 07 5572 7755 or [info@spiritwhalewatching.com.au].WALK-ONS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.
    • Bookings are only permitted 5 DAYS PRIOR to your chosen cruise date – especially on Public Holidays and Weekends. Spirit will only take Season Pass bookings 5 days prior to the day of the cruise.
    • There is a limit of 10 Season Pass Holders per cruise, giving other visitors to the Gold Coast the chance to witness the Gentle Giants up close and personal.
    • Season Pass Holders are limited to a maximum of 3 VISITS PER WEEK.
    • Present your Season Pass and ID for boarding. Entry is granted by presenting your valid Photo ID and Season Pass card only.
    • Your Season Pass is valid until the end of 2022 Season, from the date of purchase. All Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. Tickets cannot be on-sold to another party for re-sale.
    • A 24-hour cancellation policy is in place. You will be charged $20 per Season Pass Holder if you do not show up on your cruise date. If you have a booking and you cannot attend, please call or email with 24 hours’ notice in advance.
    • During the Whale Watching season, please do not mention your Season Pass to other passengers on board Spirit. The Season Pass has been offered to people who have been on Spirit before. This can cause frustration for some customers who have paid a higher price for the same experience. Please remember that being a Season Pass Holder is a privilege and not a right.
    • Spirit of Gold Coast reserves the right to amend the Season Pass Terms & Conditions at any point throughout the season. All Season Pass Holders will be notified of any changes via email.

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