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Spirit and Whale Watching Educational Programs

Spirit Whale Watching Educational Programs

Whale Watching is FUN and EDUCATIONAL! That’s why Spirit is engaged in Whale Watching Educational Programs!

As per our Mission to promote awareness of Whale Watching on the Gold Coast, we aim to invest in education, especially for the younger generation as we believe they are the key to a different future.

As Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.

With a Marine Biologist guiding our tours, our guests have a chance to learn about the majestic Humpback Whales. We want to ensure everyone on board understands more about marine life, sustainability and how to be Guardians of the Ocean. 

Young Whale Warrior reasons

We have been partnering with schools over the years to create a unique learning experience, combining in-school workshops and lessons on board our vessel.

Here are some of the Spirit Whale Watching Educational Programs that we have achieved in the last years:

  • Offering High School Students studying Marine Biology work experience onboard Spirit.
  • Working with Universities, Language Schools, and Student Ambassadors to provide educational opportunities and memorable experiences.
  • Hosting the Young Whale Warrior Competition to foster the next generation of Guardians of the Ocean.
  • Supporting the Marine Life poster competition at Robina State School.
  • E.A.P Club (Leaders in Environmental Awareness and Protection) environmental talks at Palm Beach State School.
  • Sponsoring Student Exchange program from Southport State High to Dalby State School.

We are engaged with the local community by participating in events such as the Whale Festival, held every year to raise consciousness in the local community for our oceans and the wonderful whales that visit the Gold Coast every year.

Also, we have a strong presence on our Social Media channels where we educate our followers in every campaign we do.

Education develops critical thinking and we believe that learning from experience is the best method to retain the knowledge. That’s why we encourage people of all ages to get on board the amazing and fun experience of a Whale watching cruise.



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