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Mayday! There’s A Beach Cleanup Underway

We’re happy to announce that Spirit is teaming up with International Marine Wildlife Conservation Organisation: “Sea Shepherd” to do a marine debris cleanup of the Spit, Main Beach this Saturday May 5th at 8AM.

As part of the Marine Debris Cleanup campaign which aims to help raise awareness of human interaction and the impact on marine wildlife, Spirit of Gold Coast are partnering up before we launch of our ‘Help Us Help The Whales’ campaign.

Whale sightings have already been reported with an early first few Humpback Whales making their way up north, with the official start of the Whale Watching Season to begin later this month on Saturday, 26th of May. Spirit of Gold Coast is asking locals to be part of the solution by helping to minimise the alarming amounts of rubbish that makes its way in to our oceans and waterways each year.

“Studies show that up to 80% of all land-based rubbish ends up in our oceans. This litter ends up contributing to the 18,000 pieces of plastic which are reported to be floating in every square kilometer of the world’s oceans, this means that plastic matter now outnumbers all sea life at a ratio of six to one.”

The destructive effects of pollution in our oceans and waterways is staggering and far reaching, it’s estimated over 100 million marine animals including fish, turtles and whales die each year due to ingestion, entanglement and suffocation of plastics and rubbish.

Furthermore, if that wasn’t bad enough, dangerous toxins such as DDT, BPA and Methyl Mercury adhere to micro-plastic particles and then end up in the food chain when ingested by aquatic life.

Earlier this year in February a juvenile sperm whale washed up dead on the coast of Spain with almost 30 KG of plastic in it’s digestive tract.

An autopsy revealed the animal died of inflammation of the abdominal lining (peritonitis) after it was unable to expel the human rubbish it had consumed which included: plastic bags, polypropylene sacks, ropes, net segments and a drum.

“Sadly, this isn’t an isolated event with National Geographic reporting at least 30 whales washing up on beaches across the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany with the likes of plastic waste, fishing nets, a plastic car cover and a plastic bucket found inside their stomach.”

Gold Coast residents are asked to join Spirit of Gold Coast and Sea Shepherd to prevent further poisoning of our oceans. Both a dive and land component will take place with the aim of removing rubbish and waste from the ocean and the surrounding parkland.

Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Clean Up

Date: Saturday, May 5.

Location: Doug Jennings Park, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach.

Time: Arrive by 7:45am for registration, followed by an 8am start.

Cost: Free

Bring: Water (in a reusable bottle), hat, sunscreen, enclosed shoes, tongs and reusable gloves.

Note: Participants interested in the dive component of the event need to register with Sea Shepherd pre-event.

 For more information visit or phone 07 5572 7755.

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