Mariners Cove Marina, Berth 95, Arm D

Whale tail gold coast

Playful Whales – A Poem by an Employee of Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching…

The crew came running into the office
With shouts of joy

What a day, what a cruise
Oh how privileged we are

Take a look at this
Four Whales mugging the boat

What a sight
So close to the boat
The crew reaching out to give them a rub
Passengers looking in awe

Oh how naughty she was
On her back displaying all
What a sight, just pure white

The other Whales had something else in mind
Let’s clean ourselves; it’s been a long time
Under the bow they went
Rubbing off their barnacles

Passengers curious
What’s happening, they shouted?
Will they turn the boat upside down?

No, says the Skipper
They’re here to play

And play they did
Frolicking up and down and around
Nudging the bow

Then came the blow
Spray all around
The crew soaking it in
Everyone in awe

What a show
Go Whales go

Oh Mother Nature
How wonderful you are!

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