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Whale Watching Season Hits Gold Coast

It’s finally happening peep’s! Whale watching season is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited. Our recent expedition in to the lovely Gold Coast waters was a bag of surprises, with passengers being treated to some rare & playful antics from our friendly southern guests.

This “Playful Whale” Caused Quite a Splash!
It’s never tiring to see how magical each sighting can be, however there’s always those rare moments like last Wednesday when our vessel was surrounded by 10 Humpback Whales.

Crew member Rebecca Krojs said that last Wednesday even surprised the crew.

“We had 10 whales within a nautical mile of the boat — it was simply magical,” ~ Ms Krojs.

Humpback Whale Muggings in Gold Coast

Passengers got to see multiple Humpback Whale Muggings with the curious gentle giants swimming in close to get a better view of our boat.

Whale Mugging

Passengers & Crew were Spellbound by the “Whale Mugging” on Wednesday Afternoon.

In most cases, whales usually do this when they’re happy; this is always a fun and exciting experience for the passengers as well.

“At one stage we were visited by six whales who were displaying strong social behaviours, as ‘mugging’. ~ Ms Kojs

The experience of getting up close and personal to these majestic creatures can leave one feeling in deep awe & humbled with gratitude at the magnitude of these gentle giants and our place in the universe.

Whale Migrations & Habits

However, not only is the experience about seeing these magnificent creatures, it’s also learning about their habits and migrations.

“It’s not just about the whales too, it’s teaching people about migration and the importance of looking after our ocean.” ~ Ms Krojs

Stingrays, Dolphins & Turtles Spotted

In some instances we may cruise past a pod of dolphins or the occasional stingrays and other marine life which always makes for an extra pleasant surprise. Nothing beats jumping dolphins swimming along as we cruise through the pristine aqua waters.

Humpback Whale

Playful Antics of a Baby Humpback.

This season’s certainly looking to shape up and be a fun season with lots of marine life and fantastic views from our “Spirit Of Gold Coast” luxury vessel.

We have a beginning of the season special available for all inquiries, plus if you don’t get to see a whale on an outing you can always re-book another trip at your convenience absolutely free of charge.

Contact the Team at Spirit Whale Watching for any inquiries on whale watching packages for this fun season.

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